Sell Information & Services


Sell Information


You may have certain knowledge about a subject that someone may be willing to pay for. It can be any type of specific knowledge. Are you an accountant, real estate agent, mechanic, attorney, IT network consultant, computer professional, or do you work in a skilled trade? Do you repair musical instruments or have unique knowledge about a hobby? Are you a swim, gymnastics or track coach? Are you a doctor, pharmacist, chiropractor, nurse, registered dietitian or physical therapist?


Professionals and hobbyists may have specific skills and insights that others are seeking. If this sounds like you, then consider writing a book. It doesn’t have to be published, you just need to create a book that you can sell on your website. You now have a unique product to sell on your site, or maybe on Amazon’s Kindle.


You could also create an affiliate website that provides the information that people seek. Once they are on your site, they can click an affiliate banner ad and be redirected to another site that sells the solution they seek. If they purchase the product, you get paid.


Sell Services


If you have particular skills in any service area, you may be able to sell them on your website. The key to a successful online service business is that you must be able to perform your task remotely. You can’t paint a house in Chicago if you live in Seattle. However, you can troubleshoot a computer remotely.


Some examples of services that could be sold online would be custom graphic artwork, accounting, PC or computer application technical support, musical instrument repair (customers would ship their instruments to you), writing, proofreading, landscape design, tutoring by webcam, consulting, life coaching, counseling and so on. If you Google “home based businesses” you will find a long list of online service possibilities.


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