Think Business & Industrial

Think beyond the common items that are around your house. It is not just individuals that are searching for products online. Businesses, especially small business owners, search the Internet looking for new and used equipment or replacement parts.


You won’t get orders from Microsoft, Boeing or General Motors. However, the beauty salon owner that needs new chairs, the accountant looking for a refurbished copy machine, or the tool and die maker that needs replacement parts for his machinery will all go online looking for quality products offered at a discount. If you can solve their problems by supplying them with what they want, and you have little online competition, you will have a flourishing business.


A good place to generate ideas for these types of products is to go to eBay and search their Business and Industrial categories. There, you will find all types of products that you would have never thought of otherwise. I also suggest you search the yellow pages. These products are all possibilities if you are open minded and do not limit yourself to household items and $10 trinkets.


Another advantage of having Business and Industrial customers is that they are motivated to buy now and the types of products they buy can sell for several hundred or even a few thousand dollars. A 50 percent profit margin on an $800 item interests me much more than a $10 item. Remember also that for an ideal niche, you want very little competition. Therefore, as you scan the business and industrial categories, you should look for products that are hard to find online.


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