Determine The Value of Your Trading Cards


Maybe you have a few sports trading cards or an entire collection. The ones that are worth money are typically cards that are in great condition, the players are in high demand, have big star names and maybe a unique feature such as a particular print run or an autograph. 


Determining the value of your sports cards is relatively easy thanks to online apps such as Ludex and CollX and marketplaces such as eBay.  


Beckett has been the gold standard for the current value of trading cards for many years. 


Ludex is a fast and accurate sports and trading card scanner app. Take a picture, identify the card and get the value instantly. Available from the Apple App Store, or Google Play.


CollX (pronounced "Collects") is another fast way to determine the value of your cards. Take a photo and instantly get the current market price. You can create a collection and track your overall portfolio value. You can also buy, grade and trade with other collectors. 

Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


True Grade is an auto-grading and pricing sports card service for collectors who are looking for a quick and easy way to grade their cards. Available from the Apple App Store or Google Play