This is the resource website for my current, former and future students. You may have just registered for one of my classes, are searching for additional information that was referenced in class, or you would like to purchase the coursebooks. This website will  help you accomplish your project goals and I am pleased that you are here. 


My Courses 


   Create a Website for Fun, Profit & Business!

     Market yourself, your business, or start an e-commerce business


   Sell it on eBay!

     Generate revenue as an individual or as a business


   Don't Throw it Away - Sell it Online!

     Quickly sell your used items locally with easy-to-use, online apps


   Create Your Emergency "Grab & Go" Rapid Exit Plan!

     Save your Valuables, your Family, and your Life


There are several apps and platforms that will provide an excellent way to generate revenue by selling your used items or by creating a new

e-commerce business. You can actually start selling online with some apps in less than an hour. I've completed all the research and now I can show you.


Do you have limited computer skills? No worries, you can attend any of my courses with basic computer knowledge. In fact, my Don't Throw it Away - Sell it Online course content mostly covers smartphone apps, so you will not even need a computer to sell. 


Zoom classes are fun. Many students actually prefer them to in-person. There is no commute, no parking fees, no searching for the building and room, and your own chair will be much more comfortable. If you have access to a computer or tablet, you're set. 


A decision requires action and here you are, already on your way to a successful completion of your project. If we haven't met, I look forward to meeting you soon in class. 

               About Kevin


What is "Be Niche & Famous?"


My best advice for new Online Sellers is, sell in Niche Markets not Mass Markets. A Niche market is a small subset of a larger market that has good demand for the products but little competition.


For example, think of a major market category such as dog accessories. Instead of selling obvious items like dog bowls, collars or leashes (mass market), sell less obvious devices such as slings and doggie wheelchairs for injured dogs. These products have limited online competition yet still have good demand (niche market).


Therefore, when thinking about products to sell, forget the mass-market products. Find a niche in a sub-category that has good demand, but few competitors. Use the tips and strategies you learned in class and become the Big Fish in a Small Pond.


About Kevin

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