The Best Postal Scale


for Online Sellers



A question I often get from my students is:


“How do I know how much to charge for shipping, when I don’t know who my customer will be and where they live?”  The good news is that we no longer have to guess the postage rate. eBay has solved this for us if we use of an accurate, digital scale.


When you create a listing, you determine whether the shipping charge will be:


            1. Flat Rate, which is the same cost for anyone in the U.S.  

                        - or -

            2. Calculated Rate, based on the total weight, destination and

                shipping service


If you choose #2 Calculated Rate, then you will need to provide eBay with three things:


            1. Total weight of the package   (item in the box with packing material)

            2. Dimensions of the box   (L x W x H)

            3. The Carrier and shipping service  (such as USPS Priority Mail)


With this information, eBay knows your location and how you will ship the product. When you have a winner of your listing, eBay now knows where your customer is located. eBay can then calculate and automatically add the cost of shipping to your customer’s invoice. Your customer will then pay for the item along with the correct shipping charge.  


To determine the proper weight, you will need an accurate digital postal scale. It must be as accurate as the scales at the post office. Note that there is nothing magical about the word postal in postal scale. It is not a postage meter, but rather a very accurate digital scale used for weighing packages, tubes, envelopes and other items. You will use it to weigh the item in its shipping box along with all packing materials, then note the total weight (pounds and ounces).




My recommended scale for online sellers is the UltraShip 75, by MyWeigh. It is rated for weights from ¼ oz to 75 pounds (34 kg). That range will certainly meet almost all of your eBay selling needs. This scale costs less, is better quality, and has more features than the postal scales sold by the Post Office or in office supply stores.

You can also use this scale to weigh items in the kitchen, garage, and basement. I routinely use mine to measure the weight of my fully packed suitcase, so I don’t exceed the 50-pound weight limit of the airlines. Whether you are weighing food, postcards, letters, parcels, envelopes, padded envelopes, mailing tubes, or assorted size boxes, the UltraShip 75 will be a precise and durable shipping scale for you.




  • Digital Readout
  • Backlit Display  (easy to read LCD screen)
  • Detachable Display  w/ 2-ft flex-cord
  • Weight Modes ounces, pounds, grams, kilograms
  • Dual Range Design  (for lightweight envelopes and/or heavier packages)
  • Tube Holder 
  • Envelope Holder
  • Battery Powered  (for easy portability) 
  • Hold Feature  (remove oversize packages and the weight remains displayed)
  • Overload Protection  (if you exceed 75 pounds)
  • Zero Reset for Tare Weights  (for items requiring containers such as liquids)
  • Auto-off Energy Saving



   Scale Type:     Postal, Industrial, Home

   Power:            4 C Batteries 
   Range:            ¼ oz to 75 pounds  (34 kg) 
   Dimensions:   8 x 6.25 inches  (platform)
                          8.9 x 8.1 x 2.8 inches  (scale)
   Weight:          3 pounds
   Color:             Black
   Warranty:      3 years




UltraShip 75 Postal Scale


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