The TikTok Problem


Do you enjoy watching TikTok videos? Are you thinking of posting videos for fun or for your business in order to reach a younger demographic? Understand that if you do, you are handing over nearly all of your private data to China.


TikTok not only takes your data, but it embeds tracking data into your images and ads. The amount of data taken is so extensive that it comes close to cloning your entire phone.




The Data You Give Away to TikTok



Below is the list of data that you hand over to TikTok every time you scroll on their site (look at #1 & #6 carefully):


1. Biometric identifiers such as your facial recognition IDs, and voiceprints  (reread this one!)


2. Your name, age, username, email address, password, phone number and location


3. Your IP Address, cellphone carrier, time zone, the model of your device, and it's operating system


4. The content of your messages as well as when you send, receive, and read them


5. If you make a purchase from the TikTok shop, you are giving away your purchase information including your credit card number and billing and shipping address


6. Your activities and purchase information on other websites and apps (or other stores)


7. Filenames and file types


8. Your keystroke patterns and rhythms


9. Objects and scenery that show up in your videos, including tourist attractions shops and landmarks


10. The sites you visit most and how you interact with them


11. Any text, images, and videos on your clipboard


12. Info about your videos, audio, and images


Source: Kim Komando