"It has been our privilege at Colorado Free University in Denver to host Kevin Boyd as he presents high value seminars to the community. Kevin is a delight to work with—reliable, congenial and professional. In his practical seminars, he gives attendees information they can put to use right away. Students find him entertaining and engaging, and appreciate the humor he brings to his presentations. They tell us that he is a “great instructor”, “he’s a doer & a teacher!” and “one of the best I’ve had at CFU”.


   Helen H. Hand, Ph.D.


   Colorado Free University, Inc.

   Denver, CO



"It has been our pleasure to have Kevin Boyd provide his seminars to our community at Orange Coast College. He was chosen to provide the first joint breakfast meeting for the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the college. His seminars provide a wealth of practical, step-by-step instruction that the students can use immediately. He has a friendly, relaxed presentation style and students say he is also humorous and entertaining. The student satisfaction ratings rank him as excellent. We are happy to have him back year after year."


  Ginger Neel

  Director of Community Education

  Orange Coast College

  Costa Mesa, CA



“Sierra College Community Education program is pleased to continue to offer Kevin Boyd’s classes year over year. We believe they are important topics to share with the community and the feedback has been excellent. Our students find him informative, easy to understand and entertaining.” 


   Jill Alcorn

   Associate Dean of Continuing Education

   Sierra College

   Roseville, CA 



“Kevin Boyd has been presenting classes with Whatcom Community College’s Community & Continuing Education since 2013. Students consistently praise the wealth of information they glean from Kevin’s classes, his willingness to answer questions, and the clear way in which he presents his information. Kevin is a breeze to work with—he is a clear communicator and quick to respond.”


   Courtney Kendall

   Program Specialist, Community & Continuing Education

   Whatcom Community College

   Bellingham, WA



"Kevin Boyd, teaches several courses for our community education department and is a gem! You can count on him to under promise and over deliver, no matter what the topic. He is caring and compassionate in his interactions with students. As an administrator, I find him thorough and organized in planning and scheduling and that makes my life so much easier! "


   Bruncha M. Milaszewski

   Program Director, Workforce Development & Comm. Ed.

   Truckee Meadows Community College

   Reno, NV



"Kevin Boyd’s workshops have been consistently popular in our community. His students give him excellent ratings on his evaluations. Student comments are always positive and range from “very organized and well presented” to “it was outstanding.” Additionally, one of our team members attended his workshop and her comment was, “it was excellent!” Kevin is easy to work with, flexible, and always communicates in a timely manner. Everett Community College has enjoyed working with him since 2005."


   Karen Landry

   Director of Continuing Education

   Everett Community College

   Everett, WA



“We are extremely pleased with the success of Kevin’s classes in our Workforce and Community Education program. Kevin unlocks the secrets of creating a website in his course, Create a Website for Fun, Profit & Business, and receives high student ratings for his engaging presentation and speaking abilities. We look forward to adding more of Kevin’s courses in future catalogs.”


   Beverly Hawker

   Coordinator for Workforce and Community Education

   North Idaho College

   Post Falls, ID



“I offered Kevin’s class to our community and was amazed at the response as the class filled up.  Here are some comments from our students: “Excellent class in every way, very much appreciated Mr. Boyd’s thoughtful method of presentation and materials”. “Mr. Boyd was excellent!  I would recommend him to any of my friends”. “Very well presented!  Good teacher and a very nice guy”!  I found Kevin to be an excellent communicator throughout the entire long-distance process of preparing for his class.  I welcome him back to teach anytime.”


   Linda M. Whitehill

   Community Education Coordinator

   Western Nevada College

   Carson City, NV



“Kevin Boyd is an exceptional instructor who teaches classes with some of the highest enrollment and student evaluations at Shoreline Community College's Center for Business & Continuing Education. An example of a student evaluation says it all: "Kevin gave us lots of practical tips instead of just software introduction; best class I've taken at SCC Cont. Ed.!"


   Cynthia Johnson

   Director of Continuing Education

   Shoreline Community College

   Shoreline, WA



“We offered Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business for the first time this spring. This turned out to be a very popular topic and we had 29 students sign up! Students loved Kevin's teaching style and left feeling like they had learned a great deal and would be able to apply it directly. Evaluations confirmed student satisfaction with an overall ranking of 4.9 on a 5.0 scale. We are excited to offer the course again next fall!”


   Amy Williams

   Program Director

   Truckee Meadows Community College

   Reno, NV


“The Create a Website for Fun, Profit and Business classes have been consistently popular and receive positive feedback from the students.  Kevin is a professional, very easy to work with, and timely and responsive with all communications and program deadlines. Here are just a few comments about Kevin from our students:  "It was a fun-motivating, step by step process and Kevin was funny, informative and inspiring". "Kevin is a very effective communicator and presented solid content in an enthusiastic and convincing manner". And the best comments are in the two e-mails (below) sent to Kevin from two of our students.”


   Gabrielle Bachmeier
   Program Manager, Continuing Education
   Bellevue College
   Bellevue, WA






I didn't have a chance to personally thank you last night for the wealth of information you shared with us on Monday and Wednesday.  Your course was by far the best I had taken in years.  I could barely sleep last night due to all the ideas floating in my head.   Bright and early this morning I did some preliminary research using the tools you provided.  As a consequence my B2C website is temporarily on hold while I pursue the development of a simple niche website. Thanks again!"


   Susan Hawkins

   Student, Bellevue College

   Bellevue, WA




I want to thank you for many different reasons. From the two short classes I spent with you, I feel greatly empowered to go after my dreams. You have given me access to tools that will greatly increase my potential for success. I don't think I would have found these tools in my lifetime. Plus, to discover reputable website tools among all the frauds, would have been like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if I could have found them, it would have taken forever and you saved me precious time. Thank you.
I built a site for a friend to test the web design tool you taught us in class. I sat down with her on a Friday night and within 4 to 5 hours, her site was launched complete- Incredible!! 
 Now I am getting ready to build two other retail sites to do drop shipping.
You have a witness!!! Thank you so much....


   Cory Hesseltine
   Student, Bellevue College

   Bellevue, WA



Hi Kevin,

My husband and I attended one of your eBay selling classes in Cheyenne, Wyoming last May. You just wouldn't believe how much you helped us learn how to overcome the eBay monster!  You gave us incredible information to get started, confidence in what we were doing and a feeling that we already knew the ins and outs of the process of listing and selling on eBay. My ratings have been very good, and I feel that your information has helped that a lot.


My notes from your class and your e-books have be invaluable in the process of getting started and answering questions we have had along the way. We have had great success in selling the dolls that I inherited from my mom. In fact, we recently booked a cruse-tour to Alaska for this summer to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, and we're paying for the whole trip with mom's doll money from eBay! Mom would also be intrigued with all the friends I've made while selling her dolls, repeat customers from Australia, Italy, Spain, and all around the country, even one right here in Cheyenne. 

Thanks again so much!


  Christy Allen

  Student, Laramie County Community College

  Cheyenne, WY



Hey Kevin,

Terriffic class! Kevin is the top eBay expert, and you need to take his class! He is phenomenal and highly organized. Be sure to pay close attention so his deeply researched tips don't slip by. He is also hilarious!


Thanks so much Kevin!! You are a wealth of knowledge.


Angie Gallagher

Student, Arapahoe Community College

Littleton, CO




“Excellent class in every way, very much appreciated Mr. Boyd’s thoughtful method of presentation and materials.”


“Mr. Boyd was excellent! I would recommend him to any of my friends.”


“Very well presented! Great teacher and a very nice guy!”