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Kevin’s interest in Emergency Preparedness began unexpectedly a few years ago during a visit with his mother in Michigan. While talking to her, she suffered a heart attack and he called 911 immediately. When the paramedics arrived, the first question they asked was, “Does she have a medication list?” He knew that she had one, but he had no idea where it was or where she kept her medications. 


Almost one year later, the same thing happened. His mother had yet another heart attack during his visit. But this time he knew where her medication list was kept. These two medical emercencies prompted him to dig deeper and gather his parent’s most important papers and medical information and organize them in a 3-ring binder. This Family Emergency Binder would now be at their fingertips in order to “Grab & Go" during emergencies, and was used several times. 


His experience was eye-opening. Kevin realized that most people were  unprepared for an emergency. 


Living near Puget Sound in Washington State, Kevin is surrounded not only by beauty but also the possibility of wildfires, floods, the threat of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. With these concerns and the fact that he lives within a mile of a nearby volcano’s lahar path, he realized that he had no evacuation escape plan for his family. This started his quest. 

As a former Bell Labs engineer, Kevin decided to conduct in-depth research and create not only a binder of important documents, but a rapid escape plan for his family. He attended several Red Cross, United States Geological Survey, and other courses dealing with disaster planning and evacuation. Even with all the information from these programs, their recommended plans seemed somehow incomplete. He also concluded that the vast majority of related online information was not practical for the average person. It was either too simple and ineffective or too complex and unworkable.

Kevin was already a sought-after professional speaker giving seminars about online entrepreneurship, for many colleges around the United States and Canada. It was fitting to transition his speaking to this topic because Emergency Preparedness had now become his priority. Kevin condensed his two years of in-depth research into a practical and workable blueprint that anyone can accomplish.


He wrote both the Emergency "Grab & Go" Binder and Create Your Rapid Exit Plan, to help his students quickly reach their emergency preparedness goals.  


  "The Rapid Exit Plan equips individuals with the skills and

preparation necessary to save their Family,

Cherished Valuablesand their Life!"

                                                                             Kevin Boyd


Seminar and Coursebooks are Continually Updated


Kevin's seminar, materials and coursebooks are continually updated and modified based on real life emergency experiences. He was actually in Santa Rosa, CA for three days as those catastrophic fires spread in 2017. He witnessed the shocking devastation and how rapidly any emergency can happen. Ironically, he was ther to present his Rapid Exit Plan seminar at Santa Rosa Jr. College. 
One year later he was teaching near Paradise, CA when the most devastating fire in California history occurred. He has interviewed many survivors that were directly impacted by those fires. They spoke of things they wish they had done, what they did right, what they lost and what they learned. 


Kevin has had to evacuate three additional times while teaching in the Bay Area of California. Once again while presenting at Santa Rosa Junior College, a police officer walked into his class that was in session and said, "The campus is closed. The fire is just a mile north of us. You have 15 minutes to get out."
The Grab & Go Binder and Rapid Exit Plan can be used by anyone. It eases stress and can give peace of mind during any emergency.


No Need to PanicJust Follow Your Plan!



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