Many students ask me how to determine the value of the items they want to sell. Several factors are required to determine this for each item and category.


Sellers can always check the prices of popular collector marketplaces such as eBay. But what are the best online research sites, tools and strategies for each category? What if you want to have the item "Authenticated" and/or "Appraised" before you list your item? Where do you go? Who is reputable? This is a common  problem for all online sellers.


I want to help my students solve valuation problems. I have thoroughly researched resources to create a robust Guide of the best sites and tools to quickly determine the Value of items.


The Guide includes the best Valuation Assessment resources for every major category, and the best selling marketplaces. Also included in many categories are links to my recommended Videos from experts in that particular area.






 The Complete Valuation


   Reference Guide









     -  Antiques
     -  Appliances
     -  Art
     -  Baby Gear
     -  Beanie Babies 
     -  Books
     -  Camping Gear
     -  Clothing
     -  Coins & Currency
     -  Collectibles

     -  Comics
     -  Electronics  (computers, phones, tablets)
     -  Furniture
     -  Gaming Equipment & Games  
     -  Glass, Ceramics & Pottery
     -  Gold & Silver
     -  Jewelry, Gems & Diamonds


     -  Musical Instruments
     -  Native American
     -  Political Memorabilia
     -  Quilting   
     -  Sporting Equipment  
     -  Sports Memorabilia
     -  Stamps
     -  Toys & Games
     -  Trading Cards
     -  Vehicles


     -  Vinyl Records
     -  Wedding Gowns





  Finally, you can answer:


    "So what is this thing worth?"



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